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You provide the specification, sketches, and concepts...
Let T-Square Drafting Service do the rest.

Invention Support


Support Services:

  • It all starts with an idea, an observation, and maybe some notes and a sketch
  • Secure confidential help
    • Discuss your invention with your patent attorney first
    • Bring your ideas, sketches, sample parts, etc. to us for discussion
    • Get your ideas or invention through the prototype or the manufacturing mill
    • Free initial consultation at our facility, just call
  • 3D CAD services that yield
    • Rendered images of your parts or assemblies
    • Solid models for Rapid Prototyping
    • Fabrication details and assembly drawings
    • Fast Design Communication using e-files and PDF drawings via e-mail. Note: for e-files you must have the SolidWorks e-drawing viewer installed
  • Liaison to other manufacturing professionals
  • For Patent Attorneys
    • We will recommend a patent drafting service for your professional needs
    • Professional Patent Drafting from a long time experienced provider